After Graduating from UC Berkeley with a degree in English literature, I received my MFA in Creative Writing in 2001. During this time I published in a few small periodicals including San Francisco State’s Fourteen Hills and The Baltimore Review. During this time, I made my living as a chess instructor and English tutor. As my students began to improve their game I noticed that they were each experiencing growth on a deeper level. Intrigued, I decided to return to school at Pacifica Graduate Institute to pursue yet another graduate degree, this time in Counseling Psychology. Though I graduated in 2009 ┬áit wasn’t until 2013 that I had ground through my 3000 hours of interning towards becoming a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I now live in Marin County and work in San Francisco and Mill Valley. Lastly, I am currently at work on a few videos which I have yet to properly upload to this site. However, here is the link.

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