About me

I am a licensed MFT with offices in San Francisco and Marin County.

I do far more than simply “sit and nod”. Instead, I provide clear, concise answers to your questions and work with you in a constructive manner to alleviate all manner of problems–from difficulties with sense of self-esteem, to severe depression and anxiety. In addition, we will work together to fine-tune your thinking, enabling you to make better and healthier choices. I come from an eclectic perspective, focusing memory, dreams and interpersonal relationships as they inform on your every day experience.

While I will work with individuals from virtually any background, my specialization is with teens and young adults. Over the past six years, my work in the field of addiction revealed the ever increasing challenges facing our youth as they come of age in a suffering economy and a deep cultural malaise. These conditions can severely disrupt and derail a teen or young adult’s sense of Self, place and drive.  Instead of hope, excitement and ambition I am seeing confusion, anxiety, depression and a lack of self esteem among our youth.

In a nutshell, my approach involves educating, supporting and creating a space for young people to individuate as they prepare for their journey into a larger world. In the beginning of therapy, basic case management and brief therapies such as CBT and motivational interviewing are necessary to set the stage for longer term work. Once a client is ready, I work primarily from a Jungian perspective—focusing on memory, dream interpretation and creative expression to explore the unconscious and support growth towards building a sense of confidence, stability and connection to Self.

Besides my focus on young adults, I of course work with couples and families, I place particular attention on communication skills, mutual appreciation as well as identifying and disrupting unhealthy homeostatic patterns. As far as running larger groups is concerned, my approach is based largely around my MFA in Creative Writing and involves using writing as way to help clients access “unspeakable” memories. This technique works well with any denomination or type of clientele, from individuals, to couples and teens alike.

Please feel free to call or email to schedule an appointment or for any additional questions you may have. Teletherapy via Skype is also available.

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Thank you and be well

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